Beta Reading Group

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Thank you for taking the time to consider participating in our beta reading group. Any involvement from you will go a long way into making Sword & Fire a better, more enjoyable read.

There’s no obligation. If you enjoy the story, keep reading. Comment casually, or in an intentional way.

If you don’t like the story, you can leave the group at any time. No explanations needed.



You’ll interact with the author directly concerning your ideas and comments.

While you’re welcome (and encouraged) to make brief online comments in the comment section of each chapter, you’re also invited to give more detailed feedback directly to the author via email. Maybe you’re a grammar guru and want to help the author terminate typos, anachronisms, malapropisms, and the like. Or maybe you’d like the chance to offer commentary on the plot and characters of a budding new work. We’d love to receive your contribution, whether it’s casual and lite … or intentional and pointed. You can offer as much or as little feedback as you’d like.

For those who stick through Vol. I’s twenty-two chapters, you’ll get name credit in Vol. I’s Preface when published, and you’ll also get all three eBooks as a gift ahead of their official release.

Yes, you’ll get ALL three eBooks free. The design of this reading group is not intended to try to hook you in with Vol. I in the hope that you buy the second two volumes. To repeat: you will get all three eBooks for free. (See the final FAQ question below for our plans to market and sell the books.)

In addition, if your feedback leads to a change in the shape of the story, we’ll specifically acknowledge the contribution in the book’s Preface.


If you’re keen to be involved, let us know via the contact form.

We’ll then create login access for you. With this you can access our private reading group (styled as a forum for easy participation), and also download PDF versions of the chapters. You can cancel your account or leave the group at any time. It goes without saying that there are no fees involved or obligations of any kind.

And if you just want to be a casual reader? That’s fine, too. Enjoy the chapters online, use the comments section to comment freely and/or use the feedback form at any time to share your thoughts.


  • Yes, all twenty-two chapters of Vol. I, Dynasty are complete and written to third draft.  This means that the chapters have been proofread by a small team, and you won’t be wading through an error-riddled first draft. That said, the author is open to critique as he seeks a more robust and tight first volume. Your contributions will go a long way to making this a reality.

  • Vol. II, Legacy is complete and written to third draft. Vol. III, Destiny is four chapters short of completion. The final chapters of Destiny (and thus, the story) are already written; the four incomplete chapters deal with the ninth subplot, which the author has yet to tie in satisfactorily. He is waiting to see whether any changes in the first two volumes shape these four chapters and perhaps, the final volume itself.

  • As you can well imagine, the editorial process of any book is massive. And the more thorough the process is, the better the book turns out. The author is hoping that there are a few book lovers who want to contribute to such a process. Whether you already have some experience in this or would love the chance to learn a little more about the inner workings of a book’s development, you’re most welcome.

  • At this point, we envisage offering three books released within 3-6 months of each other.

    The first volume, Dynasty, will be offered as a free eBook. The second and third volumes, Legacy and Destiny respectively, will be available for purchase as eBooks to the public.

    We will also make all three books available in paperback, although these will be available for purchase only.

  • Those who have participated in the reading group for Volume I will be more than welcome to continue in the same manner with the final volumes. In fact, the author would be thrilled should this transpire.

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