Need Help?


If you’re getting a “403 Forbidden” error message, or you’re directed to the “no access page”, or you’re suddenly logged out, the problem is probably due to your browser’s caching (Safari is notorious for its aggressive cache).

  • First, try refreshing your browser (i.e. simply reload the page).
  • If this doesn’t help, you’ll need to clear your browser’s cache or clear your browser’s history. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  • If you still don’t come right, please email me directly.

If you need to return to the login page, click here.

If you’d like to edit your profile or change your password, simply click on your name link in the login section displayed in the sidebar.

If you’d like to add a profile image, you can do so by accessing your profile via the link in the topbar:

  • Hover over the phrase “Howdy, Username” in the top righthand corner.
  • Select the “Edit My Profile” option. This will open up your profile page in the site’s dashboard itself.
  • Scroll down to About Yourself → Profile Picture, and create what WordPress calls a Gravatar.

If you’re having any other difficulties, would like to make a suggestion or lodge a complaint, please email me directly.