Go Ahead. Judge This Book Cover!

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” goes the saying. Except we all do. In fact, if there’s one place where judgement is fair game, it’s in determining the possibility of a book’s worth based on the feel we get from a cover. Like you, I’ve probably missed out on a lot of good stories based on a cover that didn’t appeal to me. And like you, I’ve certainly read my fair share of mediocre enticed by a sexy cover.

So, because getting a book cover right is a big part of a book’s appeal, I’m asking you to judge the mock-up below. Yes, judge away. Be brutal.

No, this is NOT the final cover of Vol. I, Dynasty. In fact, the image probably better fits Vol. II, Legacy. (The warrior looks a lot like Cristinga Ironside from the Northgate, who only appears in the second volume.)

Anyway, without further ado … drum roll … here it is:

(And yes, I do realise I’ve already blown the reveal with the featured image above  😉  But I know you’ll still get a thrill by clicking the toggle button below.)

As the most irreverent Shrek once lamented, “They judge me before they know me. That’s why I’m better off alone.”

In this case, I’ll feel the love if you do pass judgement. Use the comments section below … and don’t be gentle.

Oh, and if you haven’t started reading Sword & Fire, take the plunge. All 23 chapters are now available online. Yep, for free.

Start with the prologue here.