Go Ahead. Judge This Book Cover!

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” goes the saying. Except we all do. In fact, if there’s one place where judgement is fair game, it’s in determining the possibility of a book’s worth based on the feel we get from a cover. Like you, I’ve probably missed out on a lot of good stories based on a cover that didn’t appeal to me. And like you, I’ve certainly read my fair share of mediocre enticed by a sexy cover.

So, because getting a book cover right is a big part of a book’s appeal, I’m asking you to judge the mock-up below. Yes, judge away. Be brutal.

No, this is NOT the final cover of Vol. I, Dynasty. In fact, the image probably better fits Vol. II, Legacy. (The warrior looks a lot like Cristinga Ironside from the Northgate, who only appears in the second volume.)

Anyway, without further ado … drum roll … here it is:

(And yes, I do realise I’ve already blown the reveal with the featured image above  😉  But I know you’ll still get a thrill by clicking the toggle button below.)