Klopp vs. Verheijen: Give an Egg his Due

First, let me put my cards on the table. I think Verheijen is seeking attention. You know, a bit of an egg.

That said, he is an expert in his field. You’ve no doubt seen his recent tweet after Lallana’s latest injury news:

So, does the man have a point? Is there a correlation between Klopp’s training regime and an increase in muscle tissue injury?

On a purely anecdotal level, there do appear to be more muscle injuries under Klopp than I can recall under other Liverpool managers.

Now, I don’t know the frequency of muscle injuries during his time at Dortmund and there could be a heap of other factors at play at Liverpool. For example, Lallana, to my recollection, has always been injury prone. Is his injury record any different under Klopp than it was under Rodgers, or during his time at Southampton for that matter?

Plus, Pochettino—another whose gruelling training regime is subject to Verheijen’s scorn—has not had the bad luck injury-wise that Klopp has had over the same period of time.

Anyhoo (as they say in Fargo), let’s say there is a correlation between Klopp’s training regime and muscle tissue injuries. Fine. However, there are also other consequences, such as fatigue, heavy-leg syndrome, and the notorious “hitting a wall” at some point in the season.

But hang on, every training regime has consequences. A less gruelling regime results in a lack of fitness, which causes a host of other injuries. And fatigue, heavy-leg syndrome, and the notorious “hitting a wall” at some point in the season.

My point? Every training regime has negative consequences. And every regime must be measured against the positive consequences on offer.

Okay, so let’s ask and answer a few valid questions.

  • Does Klopp’s football make his team so much harder to play against? Yep.
  • Does Klopp’s football increase the possibility of ball turnover in the opposition’s half which leads to more goals? Yep.
  • Does Klopp’s football create synergy and get the most out of a team of footballers? Oh, yes.
  • Does Klopp’s football level the playing field between a club like Liverpool and the uber-rich clubs? Yes, yes.
  • Does Klopp’s football make for a better spectacle than say, Hodgson and Mourinho’s turgid brand? Hell yes!
  • Does Klopp’s football make the fans’ hearts sing? Hallelujah!

Okay, so are the positive consequences of Klopp’s heavy-metal football trump the possible negative consequences? Uh, duh!

There we have it.

Heavy-metal football contains an element of risk. Specifically, it might lead to an increase in muscle tissue injury.

But heavy-metal football also increases the possibility of greatest reward.

So, Mr. Verheijen, I hear you. I really do.

You have a point. You’ve made it.

Now, please. Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy watching Klopp’s Reds scorch all before them this season.

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And yes, he gets the irony of calling out Verheijen’s attention-seeking exploits when this article represents something of like kind 🙂

(Truth be told, it’s more a rant and an experiment – Ed.)

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